week eleven

a mabel documentary

Pick something about yourself that you want to share and make a little documentary about it. Whether it’s the sport you play, your favorite place to go on vacation, or the great book you just read, give us some background, tell us the story, and try to have some video footage that goes along with it.

I decided to make this “self documentary” assignment a little different different and use it more as a guide. When I saw the prompt and thought about something I wanna share about my life, my first idea was of my dog, Mabel. She has taken up a big amount of my time in these past six months, and while it’s not directly about me, it is about a topic very close to me. I don’t see Mabel while I’m at school, so these are all videos I’ve taken when she was smaller, my family has sent to me, or from when I’ve gone home on breaks.

I looked through my camera roll, text messages, and snapchats for content before I uploaded it all into iMovie. I chose both funny and cute videos to show all sides of her in her puppy months. Instead of using just music, I used voice over too so I could introduce Mabel rather than have the audience try to make sense of what my video is about. After that was done, I uploaded it onto YouTube.