week eleven

meet Dracula

Use about 3-5 short clips that describe the characters personality, that portrays what they will be like in the story. Basically you are just taking a closer look at a character before you begin the story so the audience can get to know the characters better. 

This assignment was very fun to make. The example video used the Grinch, so I was inspired to pick another children’s movie character. My roommates and I had watched all of the Hotel Transylvania movies recently, so I thought the most interesting character to do was Dracula. I started by brainstorming what he is known for, or typically does, in the movies. He is a bit sarcastic and is defensive about the fact that he “doesn’t say bleh bleh bleh”. He is also protective of his fellow monsters and hated humans at the beginning of the series although he changed his mind about that at the end.

To do this, I used iMovie. I found clips from YouTube that allowed me to download them and put them in iMovie. Then, I then cropped all the clips to find the exact scene/conversation I wanted. I used five different clips in total. This time I used a title slide to introduce my character. Between each scene I used transition slides to give a little context. This assignment was three stars, but I think it should be worth four for the amount of time it took to edit everything and make it flow smoothly. It took hours to find videos I could use that wouldn’t violate any guidelines and even longer to select roughly ten seconds of clips out of five minute videos. Overall, this has been my favorite video assignment so far!