week eleven

where my shoes go, I go

Tell a story using a video of only your shoes! Take videos of you walking from place to place and make it into a video.

This shoe assignment was easy to make. I liked the idea of a “day in the life” told by my shoes because it is a more unique perspective. I always visualize videos like this to include people talking and we hardly ever see the person’s shoes. The only downfall to picking this project was that the day I chose to record myself, I barely went anywhere. To make up for that, I incorporated my roommates and boyfriend into the video who were also wearing shoes.

I used iMovie for this last assignment of the week and by then I was super familiar with it. I started my video off with a title slide which included a picture of my shoes to set the stage. Between each video I took, I added a transition slide for in case it would be unclear as to where I was going/what I was doing. For the videos themselves, I added the sound effect of footsteps because the authentic ones were impossible to hear. After I was done, I uploaded the final product onto YouTube.