week nine

radio reflections

I tuned into ds106 radio on Monday night. The first show airing was ‘How to Survive: Advice from the Five’. It was a great show. They covered essential things all freshman MUST hear and made sure to include the details. We heard about the importance of writing every tiny assignment down in a planner, how to print in the HCC, dorm cooking, and how laundry works. Some of these I wish I was taught when I was a freshman and still could definitely help upperclassman too.

In terms of the design components and transitions, I thought it was greatly executed. The into with all the “heys” was very unique and grabbed my attention. The show was well put together and flowed easily into commercials and then back into the main content. The commercials also stayed relevant to the theme. The ending was super motivational and had great upbeat music. Throughout the show, discord was full of positive reactions and personal anecdotes associated with the given advice. Most people agreed how much they wished they’d learned some of these before their freshman year. Overall, this radio show was well thought out and came together perfectly!