week nine

pumpkin logo

My second redo assignment was my logo I made during the graphic design week. I wanted to test my self and do the opposite of my first logo, a logo you would find during fall. My original one was a soft pink with cursive writing that advertised a bakery. I wanted to have my new one made with a new font, color scheme, and business.

I started off with the idea of something related to fall because it would be opposite colors of my first logo. Then, I tried to think of companies/organizations that would be advertised during fall and settled on a pumpkin patch. I used Canva to design it after I had established my idea. I used all uppercase font and gave the company name with small text underneath saying where it was located. I added the little pumpkin to make it clear what the logo was for. I used a tan background and all black for the font and picture because those are two colors I associate with fall. The final product looks the opposite from the first design I created. I think I did well to expand my graphic design knowledge and challenge myself with a new logo.