week one

the joy of ds106

Bob Ross- Lone Mountain (season 21 episode 12)

Until this week, all I knew about Bob Ross was his name and that he had a tv show. By the end of watching an episode I had a much better understanding about why he is so popular. The first thing that stood out to me was the baby robin he had. It seemed bizarre at first until I realized he used the bird as a metaphor. He explained that the little common things (like the robin) can be more beautiful than exotic things.

In addition to the amazing painting, this episode was full of inspirational quotes. The main one that stood out to me was “a little goes a long, long way”. Though he said this referring to how much paint to use, I realized that it’s your choice on how much effort to put into something. Sometimes just a little action or word can change yours or someone else’s life.

The next quote, “this is our world and we can do anything we want to” exemplifies a similar message. Everybody has the autonomy to choose how they want to live their life. Every action and decision you make is entirely up to you, whether the following consequences are positive or negative.