week eight

radio show progress x2

This week my group and I worked on putting all of the pieces together for the radio show. During the previous week, we all completed our logos, bumper stickers, commercials, bumpers etc. That left recording the actual talk show and putting all the supplemental stuff into one recording. On Wednesday, my group met in the HCC to complete the final steps. We took turns sharing our work stories as we recorded them on Audacity. That took about 1.5 hours. Then, we individually added our background sound to our parts in the show. The total time we spent in the HCC was a little over 2 hours.

Finally, we sent out parts back to Mason who combined them all together in one Audacity file and uploaded it to Soundcloud by Thursday night. He used the logo I created last week as the radio show’s cover. At last, our show, “Stories from behind the Counter” was done.