week five

ds106 radio show ideas

Coming up with an idea for a radio show is a little difficult because the topics are limitless. Since my list was pretty long, I just included my top three:

·  conspiracy theories: After listening to “Moon Graffiti”, I thought talking about other conspiracy theories would be super interesting. There are limitless topics and theories and each host could pick their favorite to talk about. Pretty much everyone has at least one conspiracy theory they really like to talk/think about and we could each share one that we did a lot of research on. It’s a topic that would instantly grab the listener’s attention.

·  most embarrassing stories: For a more comedic approach to the show, each member could share their most embarrassing moment that still haunts them. It’s a little personal, but they’re always really fun to share. Plus, there are limitless sound effects to include in the show.

·  who inspires us: This topic is pretty open ended so there would be a lot to talk about. We would each pick a person, whether they are famous or close to us, and share how they influence us and in what way. It could be about someone who helped us find a dream job or just what kind of person we want to be. It could even be an influencer on social media who inspires how we dress, what we buy, or what to eat.