week five

moon graffiti

The Soundcloud story, Moon Graffiti, utilizes many audio storytelling techniques to execute a great conspiracy story based on Nixon’s speech “In Event of Moon Disaster”. Beginning with the radio static and clear distress of the impending crash grabs attention and puts the listener directly into the story. It was a creative start that provides some background for the following reenactment and speech.

Throughout the entire story, there is some sort of ominous background noise to create suspense. It gives the listener an eerie feeling while they listen to Armstrong and Aldrin post crash. The story also includes other sound effects such as the kicking of the moon dust to really put you in the story.

The narrative itself creates an emotional bond between listener and storyteller. This relates to Abumrad’s video when he explains a good audio story allows the listener to make their own mental images to create that personal connection with the storyteller without any face to face contact. The listener is put into the story though growing connection to the plot. They feel sympathy and hurt hearing the astronauts wanting to “say goodbye to the wife and kids” as well as hearing the men accept their inescapable death. Though this story was fictional, my heart hurt to hear their final goodbye would be leaving messages in the moon dust (hence the name Moon Graffiti).

The ending with the Nixon speech gives the listener the final mental image of the two astronauts being honored. It appeals to the American population when thinking about the sacrifice these men made for their country. Revealing that this was a real speech for if things had gone wrong ends the story with that feeling of “wow, this could have been real”.