week five

guess what’s happening

Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds.

This audio is inspired by what it’s like to be doing late night homework. Many students experience this, so I thought it would be a familiar story. I used the app Audacity and the website freesound to make my wordless story.

I started with the owls to paint the picture that it was nighttime. The sound reappears multiple times throughout to keep the nighttime setting consistent. Then, I took the sound of a desk chair rolling back to sit down then roll in towards a desk. Next, I used the very familiar sound of typing on a laptop because that is the key component of working at a desk. I figured it would be a good touch to add the sounds of opening a snack; this could be any snack you choose since it is not specific on which because its a wordless story. To finish my audio, I had the desk chair roll again and then a door shut to imply the work was done and it was time for bed.