week five

weekly summary five

This fifth week was the most difficult for me. I didn’t know where to start, since I have never had any experience with creating and editing audio before. I downloaded Audacity for my three audio assignments and radio bumper, and it took a little bit of time to figure out my way around the app. Eventually I got it and was able to put all of my assignments together. It was’t totally as hard as I anticipated it to be when I looked at the weekly assignments. Lastly, I embedded the finished creations into Soundcloud which I had done before, so that was the easy part.

I really enjoyed listening to “Moon Graffiti” on Soundcloud. I chose to do that in the beginning of the week after watching the two assigned videos. It gave me a better idea of how to execute audio storytelling. I loved the content because it was a perfect mix of conspiracy and truth. The sound effects fit and set the mood well, and the narrative itself put me into the story.

When coming up with radio show ideas, the possibilities were limitless. It was hard to narrow down topics to ones I thought would be the most interesting, relevant, and original. I’m excited to see where the class goes from here in regards to our radio shows!