week four


I could’t decide on my favorite color because it changes day to day. I settled on this picture because I love turquoise, light green, and pink. Those are some of my favorite colors I rotate through.

This picture of my door is dominated by the color white. On the left side of the photo, you can see the white awning and white column that make this task complete.

For an instrument that measures something, I chose a teaspoon mearurer I use when I cook.

The weather for today was very sunny but also a little hazy. I think the haze around the sun captures it perfectly.

I think Horton perfectly expresses how I feel today. I like to put on movies while I do my homework, especially kids movies. Today I am tired and unmotivated, so I think the closed caption “exhales” really completes the picture.

The paper towel roll was in my kitchen next to the measuring spoon, and from above it forms a circle.

Unfortunately, I was unable to take a picture of crowd because I was at home. I looked around my house for a picture and kept an eye on the movie, but no luck. Aside from failing to find a picture for the first task, this photoblitz was was quite simple and I included the screenshot of my tasks to make the assignment easy to view. It made me realize that there are common objects and sights I wouldn’t think twice of that complete the perfect picture. My favorite one today was Horton who captured how I was feeling perfectly.