week four

my past photography

My previous experience with photography is limited. I would call myself an amateur. As of now, my camera roll is dominated with pictures of me with my friends, boyfriend, family, and/or dogs. A lot of my photos also come from snapchat. This is one of the apps I use most frequently and it’s easiest for me to open and take a quick picture.

Usually the purpose of these photos are to catch something funny or if I am doing something or somewhere I want to remember. I don’t really focus on the feeling or meaning, and never pay attention to angles or lighting. To improve my photos, I should try being more aware of the lighting and paying better attention to the moment. This fits the criteria for the pictures I tend to take, and that way they are better quality when I look back on them.

An image can create a story in itself when you capture the moment when the most interesting thing is happening. Look closely for what the focus of your picture is doing, whether it’s a candid of people or something in nature, highlighting what you want the viewer to notice. If that is done right, the picture will tell the story and can even prompt questions about its background or meaning.