week four

weekly summary four

At the beginning of this week, I reflected upon my previous photography skills and looked back onto them with a more analytical eye. I realized I had been using a few photography tactics already without even realizing it. Then, I completed the Photoblitz challenge. I did all of the tasks but one, so I was sort of successful. It was fun yet a little stressful to think fast and creatively to get them done under twenty minutes.

Per usual, the daily creates were my favorite parts. I especially liked the one where we had to “say something wrong on the internet”.

Towards the middle to end of the week, I used GIMP and GIPHY to create my own images and GIFs. I was new to this, so I had to play around with the sites for a while to figure out how to use the different tools. Once I was more comfortable with them, I was finally able to use my creativity to complete the 14 stars needed this week.