week seven

radio show progress

I began to prepare for the upcoming radio show last Friday. Over the weekend I formed a group and was able to put it into the spreadsheet by Sunday. Next, my group created a groupchat and planned a time to meet to discuss our topic and delegate the parts of the show we would each do. We decided to create a show called “Behind the Counter” where the main focus will be to tell stories about our most notable experiences when we worked a customer service job.

During our meeting on Tuesday, we started a Google Doc to organize who would do what. I was responsible for creating a logo, commercial, as well as the two audio assignments. I chose to do one that I would use as background music while I was telling a story and one that we will use as a commercial. At the end of the meeting we scheduled a time to meet next Wednesday in the HCC to record our conversation and put all of the audio together.

In regards to the completion of my own work, I completed the logo on Tuesday. I tried to keep it simple yet clear it was for a radio show. On Thursday, I completed the two audio assignments and started to plan out the possible stories I could share. I plan to include my own bumper I created a few weeks ago somewhere throughout the show.