week three

weekly summary three

This week in ds106, I learned what the name of this class, digital storytelling, means more in depth than just “telling a story online”. After watching the assigned videos and readings, I was able to apply what I learned by analyzing a movie series I like.

I enjoyed having the freedom to choose my assignments from the assignment bank again this week and tried to make all of them differ. I wrote to my puppy and mom, but also planned my dream vacation and thought about songs that make me think of my childhood. Each post I wrote shared a different aspect of my life. The lyrics assignment and letter to my mom focus on the past, the letter to my dog focuses on the present, and my vacation focuses on the future. I blogged from where I was to where I eventually want to be. This theme was actually accidental and I didn’t realize until I had published all of my posts.

The daily creates were fun as usual. They keep me engaged and guarantee I won’t forget to look at our page and respond to other people’s posts. Can’t wait for week four!