week two

a sketch of my two dogs

This week, I chose the visual assignment “By any sketch of the imagination”. You are supposed to pick an image from your camera roll and use the Pencil Photo Sketch app to filter it. I chose a picture of my two dogs because I thought they might create a cool contrast effect. My older lab, Izzy, is a white lab and my new puppy, Mabel, is a black lab. In real life, they are total opposites and not just in appearance. Mabel is full of energy and can never lay down while Izzy would prefer to spend her day napping. The black and white effect emphasized the contrast between the two of them.

This assignment related to the question of what kind of artist I am and my other posts from the assignment bank. I’ve dedicated this week to thinking about in what ways could I view myself as an artist. Choosing and editing a photo gave me the artistic license I have been focusing on. By now, I have designed my own room from scratch, written a haiku, and edited my own photos.

A quick way to convert a photo of something to a sketched image is to download the PencilPhotoSketch application. When you open the app, it will give you the option to either take a photo or upload a previous photo. After you have your selected photo on the screen, you will see options at the bottom for what style of sketch you’d like to choose. You can slide your finger through the different styles, and when you find something you like, click on it. Once you are satisfied with the result, there is a floppy disk image in the top right corner of the screen. After you click that, there is a “save image” button in the bottom left corner of the screen. After you click that, there should be a pop up that says t has been saved to your photos.