week two

weekly summary two

I found the second week of ds106 to be much simpler. It didn’t take hours to just set up parts of my site and I could focus solely on the content itself. I based all of my content this week on answering the question of what type of artist I am. I started the week only considering myself semi-artistic and focused that first post on my interest in interior design. But progressively throughout the week, I realized that I am artistic in more than one way. I started off with creating my dream room which directly relates to interior design. Then, I surprised myself by writing poetry which is considered an art, and I edited photos both from the assignment bank and through the daily creates.

I found that I enjoy the daily creates because you are able to express creativity in as few as five minutes. Twitter is easy to use and I posted my creations quickly and was able to view other people’s posts. I also found it easy to navigate the assignment bank and there were countless activities to pick from so I was able to find some I was really interested in.

Throughout the course of week two, I was finally comfortable enough with WordPress to customize my site in a way I feel like expresses me very well. In addition, I was able to sort and organize all of my posts in a way I believe is easy to navigate. My website looks much cleaner and even pretty. Overall, I found this week enjoyable when creating my own posts and looking and responding to others.