week two

what kind of artist am I?

While I don’t really consider myself an artist, I do have a few interests that could be considered artistic. One of my main interests is interior design which to some people could be considered an art. I have always gotten excited about redoing my room or when moving into college, getting to design a whole new room. I love my major and my current career interest, but being an interior designer seems really amazing. I think I get this interest from my mom. She loves interior design and growing up I watched her constantly redo or buy new furniture for my house. Recently, she got a job as a stager with a real-estate company and always tells me about how fun it is. 

This week, I chose the create your own room assignment to incorporate this artistic interest. I had a lot of fun with creating a whole new dream room from my Pinterest board. I really enjoy picking new color schemes and furniture and being able to combine those pieces into what I’d consider and artistic creation.