week nine

dream room and beyond

I choose to update my dream bedroom assignment from a few weeks ago. The goal was to create a Pinterest board with all the components that build a bedroom. This week I decided to edit and expand what I created. I searched for more pins for the existing board to go into greater depth of I what I imagine my dream room to look like. I utilized some of my new design skills I learned throughout the previous weeks of ds106 to make it the perfect room.

My goal was to create enough detail to further expand who I am as an artist. I started by replacing some of my original pictures. For example, I changed my mind about the first chandelier and switched it out for one I found a bit more simple and that ties into the room better. Next, I expanded out of the bedroom to create the matching bathroom. I thought it would be ok because lots of rooms have an attached bathroom. I kept the same theme but my perfect bathroom would be mostly white. There is a white tub and walk in shower with white tiling, I feel like it makes the room look clean. Of course I included a tub where there is a large window above because I like natural lighting as seen in the bedroom. The counter top and sinks of the bathroom are all white too. I wanted double sinks with large mirrors above, and the picture I found was even better because it included a mini vanity with a third mirror in between. The light fixtures and hardware is gold so they matched the chandelier and mirror frame in the bedroom. I am very happy I went back to revise this assignment because I feel like I am best at expressing myself creatively through interior design.