week nine

weekly summary nine

This week was dedicated to listening to my classmate’s radio shows and improving upon my old assignments. I started off the week by tuning into ds106 radio on Monday night and listening to the airing radio shows while I reacted on discord. It was really fun to hear what others had made and how they put their projects together.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I chose two of my past assignments from our week of design to improve/redo them now that I have learned more. I chose to revamp my interior design assignment and find Pinterests pictures that have design elements that go together better. I also redid the KISS logo assignment and tried to create a new one with opposite elements to challenge myself.

I also worked to come up with a final project idea/proposal. I came up with an idea for a narrative about me that would apply to everyone universally. Lastly, throughout the week I completed my three daily creates. I tried to connect them all by making them halloween themed. I used dancing skeletons, acrostic poems, and Halloween elves to make my little story.