week ten

project ideas x2

After posting my first project proposal, I wished I had looked at some of my classmates’ ideas for inspiration! I had come up with one idea I could go many ways with, but people had whole lists of ideas. After reading them, I considered doing something more music related or maybe focusing on a narrative that wasn’t just about me. Here are a few that really stood out:

  1. Lyndsey had some great ideas! I especially liked her idea to create a cover album. All of the songs could possibly create a narrative or maybe even convey different moods someone may feel throughout a day/week/month. You could do separate songs or even the kind where lyrics flow into the start of the next album.

2. I also really liked one of Haylie’s ideas. You would have so much creative freedom in creating a travel itinerary. It could be a made up trip and how you pack and prepare for it. Or it could be one quick trip, a bunch of trips taken, one that spans a day, or one that spans a few weeks. It’s not necessary to go to some exotic place, but even a day trip to the closest beach would be really cool if you create some sort of creative itinerary.