week ten

save the sea turtles

a video that can play as commercials and screensavers in hotels and beachfront areas to bring awareness to sea turtle nesting.

I used this video assignment to create a screensaver to bring awareness to sea turtle nesting. I have always loved sea turtles and when I go on vacations to the beach I feel like I see something related to sea turtles everywhere. But I hardly ever see anything to bring awareness to all the dangers they face during nesting season. I thought this would be a great assignment to combine something I am interested in with learning about video editing.

My tv at home uses different screensavers, especially nature ones, when I have been inactive for a few minutes. The videos zoom in or out and last about five seconds which is what I tried to recreate here. I used a mixture of pictures of actual sea turtles but also a few infographics and signs that people typically see on beaches where sea turtles are nesting during the season. I think this screensaver was visually pleasing yet with educational pictures about the sea turtles. As I did with my previous assignment, I used iMovie on my laptop and added music once I was done uploading videos and adding transitions. This time it went a little smoother as I was more comfortable with using it. Lastly, I uploaded it to YouTube to be able to embed it here.