week one

my final ds106 story

As the semester winds to an end, so does my final ds106 project. As I mentioned in my progress post, Walker and I created a video explaining how this class compares to and has expanded our utilization of social media platforms. We included segments on Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, and Snapchat using both our school accounts and personal ones.

Before Thanksgiving break, we broke down what our timeline for completing the project would be. By the time we met up this week, we had each done our personal segments speaking about each platform. When we met in person, we combined all of the parts into one iMovie, added the transitions, and added the opener and closer. I then uploaded the final video onto YouTube.

I had a lot of fun with this project and was happy with the amount of freedom I had to create my (and Walker’s) story. I feel like this is a topic most people can relate to as almost everyone has some form of social media. Every person utilizes their accounts in their own way, and Walker and I demonstrated that we do too. Both of us think that taking this course has expanded our knowledge of how to effectively create and share different pieces of ourselves across multiple digital platforms. This project seemed like the perfect end to ds106 as we were both able to put together everything we learned and reflect on it!