week one

weekly summary one

During the first week of ds106, I went from knowing nothing about creating a website, to having set up my own domain, writing blogs, and embedding media I had created. It honestly took a lot more time than I had anticipated. The first step of setting up my domain was trickier than I thought it would be. I wasn’t quite sure how to format the website and it took me a few hours to completely set it up.

Before this week, I had never watched Bob Ross and after finishing the episode I wish I had watched him earlier. It was honestly a nice break to watch a happy video after getting super frustrated at trying to set up my domain. Writing my post about the video was very straightforward.

Writing the various blogs and embedding the media posts I had created was pretty simple as I had gotten more comfortable in navigating the site by that time. It was pretty easy to create my Soundcloud playlist, upload a Youtube video and Flickr photo, and make my first tweet for the class. I really enjoyed piecing together things about me through the different social media accounts to introduce myself. I was definitely overwhelmed at first, but after completing everything for this first week I feel better prepared for the weeks to come.