week six

design thoughts

When looking at the “Brain Pickings” articles and Chip Kidd’s article about his children’s book, I learned a great deal about how to correctly design my assignments this week. But I also learned about what graphic design is. In the past, I had always thought it was associated with deliberately creating a design for some poster, book, or movie cover. So I was surprised to hear Kidd define it as a concept that “everything is designed” and it is “problem solving”. Not only is there deliberate mental participation in creating, but it is even subconscious. In everything we do there is design. It’s crazy for me to think that something so simple as baking a cake or picking out an outfit for the day falls under graphic design.

Chip Kidd’s visuals throughout the article were also very intriguing. I particularly liked the two images that demonstrated simplicity versus complexity. Plus, I liked the images that used paint samples to illustrate the warm and cool colors. I made sure to make a note of them so I could incorporate it in my assignments later.

Next, I “went down the rabbit hole”, and clicked on multiple links to learn more. The one I enjoyed most was the “100 ideas that changed graphic design“. It showed how graphic designs have evolved over the past decades to be where it is now. It talked about everything from the DIY movement to how what was going on in current times influenced the works. It provided me motivation and inspiration for the work I will create throughout the rest of the week.