week six

weekly summary six

This most recent week in ds106, I learned how to combine what I have learned in the past few weeks and create different sorts of graphic designs. I started off watching the videos and reading the articles on “Brain Pickings” before starting on my own works.

For my designblitz, I was a little stressed at first. I had no clue where to start looking for possible photos that would fit the listed design elements. As I mentioned in that post, I learned that they tended to find me when I wasn’t looking for them. From there, I found plenty of possible pictures and narrowed it down to the top four that most explicitly fit the criteria. I used mundane things ranging from my sneakers to birthday cupcakes.

To complete the five design assignments I chose from the assignment bank, I relied on Canva to add text to pictures I had found online and to design my logo. It offered lots of different font options and made everything easy to format. My favorite one of the week was creating a somewhat sarcastic motivational poster. I chose one of the most popular quotes and found a picture from That 70’s Show, then finally paired them together with the help of Canva. The site allowed me to choose from limitless fonts and even choose multiples colors for each letter.

Throughout the week I also did the three daily creates. I found these particularly fun because you had to be extra creative. Overall I think this has been my favorite week of class.