week four

becoming a better photographer

After reading Becoming a Better Photographer, I was able to look at old pictures I had taken with an analytic viewpoint.

The most noticeable aspect in my first photo is the contrast between my two dogs. The contrast is easy to capture because I didn’t need to worry about lighting or anything…the dogs do it for me. When taking the picture I changed my perspective by getting on my dogs’ level instead of looking down on them. This makes their faces much easier to see, which is good because that is the focus of the picture. I also paid attention to the moment. I captured the split second where the dogs were looking in the same direction and were still, which is not easy to do.

In this second photo, I took advantage of the great background to take a picture of the sailboat. The contrast between the cool colors of the trees and water and the warm colors of the sailboat help draw attention to the focus of the picture. Also, there is lots of depth in the ripples in the water and the layers of trees that take this picture from 2D to 3D.

My third photo was taken with a drone. My cousin helped me use it because I had never used a drone before, but I think it turned out really well for a beginner. This is a photo of my cousins’ house in New York. The perspective from above creates an image of the house from a view not possible without a drone. Clearly this photo was taken with a good lens, hence the perfect quality. I have never taken such a clear picture before this. There is also lots of depth in this photo. It is a wide angle and spans far enough that you can see other islands in the background, though the focus is on this one with the house.