week four

Desean Jackson celebrates prematurely

Make a GIF when someone celebrates too early. You can use Make A GIF or any software to help you trim the video that you find into a five second or less GIF. Make sure you embed your GIF into your blog post.

To complete this GIF assignment, I used the website GIFY and created my own account. The site was easy to navigate and took about two minutes to do. The hardest part was determining what I wanted to make my GIF from. I thought sports would be the best example where someone might celebrate too early. I settled on my favorite NFL team the Philadelphia Eagles because I’m from Pennsylvania.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

This GIF is of Desean Jackson from the Eagles. In 2008, he scored a touchdown and did a little victory dance. Unfortunately, he ended up dropping the ball at the one yard line in excitement and it was not a touchdown even though it could’ve easily been one. He is the perfect example of celebrating just a little too early.