week seven

sounds of work

Record glimpses of different sounds you hear throughout the day, at university, your job, or your city. Compile as many sounds as you would like (ideally in 10 second burst), this makes it easier for editing, chopping, and creating. Then, lay the sounds on some background music you borrow or create yourself.

My first audio assignment was geared towards creating audio for the upcoming radio show. Our show is called “Behind the Counter” and the purpose is to share our most memorable job stories from when we worked in customer service. I used Audacity to create a mix of sounds you wound find at a restaurant like indistinct talking and dishes clattering. I incorporated guitar music because when I worked as a waitress the place would always book live music that sounded similar to this. I made sure the music was pretty loud because at my job it could be so loud I couldn’t hear what people were ordering and always had to ask them to repeat what they wanted. Lastly, I uploaded it to Soundcloud and embedded it into this post.

I plan to use this completed audio for my background noise when I share stories about my job during the radio show.