week seven

halloweentown ad

Congratulations! You’ve been hired by your favorite fantasy world to create a radio ad for the imaginary business or event of your choice. Be as creative as you can and background music is highly encouraged. Simply give all the details about the business or occasion and maybe even create a clever slogan to go along with it

My second audio assignment is going to be a commercial for my radio show. I chose to use the movie “Halloweentown” to incorporate the fictional world and upcoming holiday. During October, there are so many commercials for Halloween movies and events so it would be a typical radio commercial you would hear around this time. I chose this movie because it was one of my favorite Halloween movies growing up as a kid and is a good fictional world because the movie is very community based. This will make it easy to target a group of people…the witches, vampires, and citizens from the town.

My commercial is for the Halloweentown community. In this fictional world, I made an advertisement for a bake sale. I made sure to mention a time and place relevant to the movie. I also gave the rules and prize to make it sound more like a real commercial would. Since a radio advertisement typically has background noise, I made sure to incorporate some. I made my voice was louder than the Halloween-like music so it was clear its purpose is an ad. To do this, I used Audacity and then uploaded it to Soundcloud.