week three

welcome to greece

Write a blog post on your dream vacation. Why did you pick that location? Who and what would you bring with you to make this an ideal vacation. Embed pictures and videos, if possible.

If I could travel to anywhere in the world, my dream vacation destination would be Greece. I have never been anywhere outside of North America, so a trip to Europe would be an incredible experience. Mama Mia has been one of my favorite movies since I was a kid, so it would be pretty cool to visit the country where it was filmed and not just through a screen.

Traveling alone is not for me, so I would need to book five plane tickets to take my three best friends and boyfriend. Once there, we would stay in a hotel with a view of the ocean, that part is nonnegotiable. I would not pack lightly either. My suitcase would be stuffed with sundresses, heels, and anything else I could cram in. There would be plenty of trips to the beach, shopping sprees, and going out to dinner where we could watch the sunset. To experience Greece with my favorite people would be a once in a lifetime experience.